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Leaked! The title track of Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, this is XSCAPE! #michaeljackson #xscape #music


Jennifer Lopez has released her new video “I Luh Ya PaPi” …enjoy!



Justin Timberlake's “Suit and Tie” vocals paired with Marvin Gaye's “Let's Get It On” instrumental is the best thing you'll hear today. ‪#‎sexy‬ ‪#‎mashup‬


Beyonce ft. Drake - Mine


Just favorited NatandMarie - S2E31 - EseLoco by DJ Romeo (@robsarj) on Mixcloud


Just favorited NatandMarie - S2E40 - Can You Feel It by DJ Romeo (@robsarj) on Mixcloud

Summer is coming up, get your your lace game in order for your kicks!

Summer is coming up, get your your lace game in order for your kicks!


Hey Pringles, you need to get on this: “How to Make a Better Pringles Can [Video]



So I Went To Target

Last week I took some time out to check out the newest Target location at the newly renovated Shoppers World in Brampton and the visit went well. The place looked great, cleaner and brighter than the previous Zellers. As soon as you walked in, it reminds you of walking into a Target in the USA. It’s great to see that consistency. 

While walking through a couple things stuck out to me in comparison to Walmart and other stores. First, I found some of the aisles a little smaller than I anticipated for a large footprint store such as Target, but that could just be the location I visited. Secondly, they absolutely love Apple and their accessories. I do not think I’ve seen a collection of accessories like this at any other big box store.

And lastly, I found that they’re pricing machines in their aisles are not pointed out or as obvious as in other stores. They’re just tucked into a corner with no arrow or anything pointing to it. I probably walked by a few of them without even noticing.

Many people who have visited the Canadian Target locations have complained about the pricing and it is not US-like. While it may be a disappointment, what many people do not realize is that between shipping, taxes and tariffs to bring products into Canada, which also is a much smaller population than the USA, it ads to the cost. This is by and far the biggest reason you’ll see price differences between many stores you may shop at in the USA and Canada. 

Other than that, the visit went great - staff I found to be very helpful and its going to be nice to have a Walmart competitor. Have you been to Target yet? How was your experience?


Easter Weekend RoadTrip!

Easter Weekend is upon us, and it’s finally a long weekend and the first long weekend of spring 2013 - a time to relax, and unwind for some. I’m going to be heading out on the road for a road trip around Lake Erie. Unless any major changes, we’re going to be visiting some Premium Outlets and a couple cities stateside.

The purpose of this trip is really to pick up some spring/summer gear at (hopefully) some great prices from the Premium Outlets and then do some touristy things while in Detroit and Cleveland.

If you don’t know, or haven’t been to the Premium Outlets before, they’re a great shopping experience with factory stores with some great deals and discounts. Many of the outlets differ in size and have various brand stores including Nike, Coach, Armani - these are just the tip of the iceberg. These outlets however are usually located a couple hours outside larger cities, but from my previous experiences, well worth the drive.

And since it’s a road trip, fun with food is bound to happen. I’ll be taking a look at some of the spots that Guy Fieri has visited on Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) and see if I can’t stop off at a few of them while on my road trip - looking forward to trying some delicious dishes.

Here’s a quick rundown for the areas I’ll be visiting:

  • - First stop is Birch Run, MI to visit the Birch Run Outlets
  • - Then head off to Detroit
  • - From Detroit, head over to Cleveland
  • - Visit the Premium Outlets in Grove City
  • - Next is Buffalo
  • - And finally back home to Toronto

If you have any suggestions on where I should try and visit while on my road trip, I’d love to hear it. Leave your recommendations in the comments, I would love to know where/what you love about the Motor City and the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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